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Reading Skills Program - Student Practice Activities
Developed by the Curriculum & Staff Development Center,
The School District of Lee County, Fort Myers, Florida

Fry’s 500 Most Frequently Read Words
1st Grade Dolch Words
This program systematically increases a student’s ability to recognize the words which most frequently occur in written English.  Students must gain the ability to recognize these words very rapidly in order to become fluent readers.

Programa de Habilidades para la Lectura – Actividades de Práctica para el Estudiante

Las 500 Palabras de Frey que con Más Frecuencia se Leen
Este programa sistemáticamente aumenta la habilidad del estudiante para reconocer las palabras escritas que con más frecuencia ocurren en el idioma INGLÉS. Los estudiantes tienen que ganar la habilidad de reconocer estas palabras rápidamente para convertirse en lectores con fluidez.

FCAT Word Lists
The FCAT Word List contains selected vocabulary which will be of assistance to students participating in this state of Florida annual assessment. It contains both subject content words, as well as terminology related to higher order thinking skills. 

Kindergarten Word List
This Kindergarten word lists contain key vocabulary that Kindergarten children are expected to learn prior to entering First Grade. The word lists include words from the Kindergarten subject area texts, as well as dolch and Fry high frequency words.

Word Families
This activity introduces 20 word families, with six examples provided for each word family.  Learning word families is a fast way to increase a students reading vocabulary. It also helps the student learn that the ability to decode one word can assist in decoding other words with similar alphabet letter patterns.

Letter Recognition
The letter recognition activity provides students an opportunity to practice learning both the capital and lowercase letters of the alphabet.  Voice assistance is provided for those students who are unable to name the letters independently.  Five to six letters are covered in each lesson.  After the student is taught the letters with voice assistance, they move to the practice list to independently name the letters.   

Consonant Digraphs
Consonant digraphs are consonant letters that appear together and represent a single sound that is different from the sound of either letter. 

Vowel Digraphs
Vowel digraphs are two vowels together, the first is pronounced and the second is silent.

Consonant Blends – Reading Words
Three letter blends are three consonant letters that appear together in words and represent sounds that are smoothly joined. Each of the sounds can be heard.

Vowel Diphthong - Reading Words
Vowel diphthongs are two vowels, both are spoken with the stress placed on the first vowel.

Fry’s Most Frequently Read Words – 501 to 1000

Spanish Assistance (coming soon)

Kindergarten Spalding Phonics Mini Cards

1st Grade Spalding Phonics Mini Cards

Phonograms DVD (Windows Media Player)
Phonograms DVD 1-26
Phonograms Phonograms DVD 27-54
Phonograms Phonograms DVD 55-70

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