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Fry's 500 Most Frequent Words
1st Grade Dolch Words

Student Practice Guidelines
  1. The purpose of this activity is to provide the student with error-free practice which will systematically increase the speed with which they read commonly seen words.
  1. The program is set up with voice assistance for each new word.  This allows children using the program to work independently.
  2. Voice assistance is provided only at Step 1 for the 10 words in each group.  Students practice the new words in that group until they can read each of the 10 words accurately.
  1. Students then practice reading the words with increasing speed.  Typically, students start reading the words independently at a rate of one word every four seconds.  By the Final Check, students will be reading one word every three/fourth (3/4) of a second (75 words per minute).
  1. While word groups are typically set up to be presented in a range from one word in four seconds to one word every of a second, each student should only be asked to complete the words at a rate appropriate to their grade level.  Appropriate grade expectations are as follows:

           Use Letter Recognition Program. In addition, students may use the
           voice levels of each of the word groups to assist them in
           developing reading vocabulary.

First Grade
           Students can use all word groups but should not be expected to
           exceed one word per second in any group.

     Second – Fifth Grade
     Student may progress through all word groups at all frequency

  1. Students should practice on one set of words until they are proficient with that set of words, and then move to the next set of words.  Research reported by Beers, Stanovich and others indicate that some students may need relatively few practice repetitions (8-12), while others will need to see the word 40 to 70 times.
  1. Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions regarding your child’s use of this reading practice activity.

Thank you for working with your child to ensure they learn to read well.  Reading is the most important learning skill any child will ever acquire, and is the basis of all future learning.  As professional educators with the Lee County School District, we want to do all we can to work with you to make reading a highly successful learning activity for your child.