Our Mission: To ensure that each student achieves his/her highest personal potential
Our Vision: To be a world-class school system
Curriculum & Staff Development Staff

Dr. Denise Carlin Executive Director, Teaching & Learning 239-337-8503
Debbie Evans Executive Secretary, Teaching & Learning 239-461-8442
Soretta Ralph Director, Elementary 239-337-8504
Melissa Robery Director, Secondary 239-337-8578
Jamie Fowler Secretary to the Directors 239-335-1544
Julie Holcomb Applications Support Specialist, Department Webmaster 239-337-8370
  Fax 239-337-8388
Candace Allevato Coordinator, Elementary Mathematics 239-335-1529
Christine Busenbark Coordinator, Elementary Literacy, and Reading Endorsements 239-461-8429
Helen Davis Coordinator, Teacher Incentive Grant 239-337-8212
Jennifer Edwards Coordinator, Secondary Mathematics 6-12 239-337-8315
Lori Houchin Coordinator, Secondary Reading and Language Arts 239-337-8607
Lee Hughes Coordinator, Science K-12, Health, and Physical Education 239-337-8697
Nicole Lemme Coordinator, Advanced Studies & New Teachers 239-337-8679
Cindy McClung Coordinator, Quality 239-337-8632
Dr. Carlos Negron Coordinator, P-SELL Grant, Endorsements, Safety 239-337-8341
Evelyn Rivera Coordinator, World Languages, Intervention Services 239-337-8619
Rob Stratton Coordinator, Instructional Technology, Instructional Materials, and Media 239-337-8630
Mikeol Stroh Coordinator, Social Studies, Character Education, and Fine Arts 239-335-1494
Heather Ades Curriculum Master Teacher, ELA Secondary 239-337-8248
Karen Babor Instructional Technology K-12, APPLES Transition 239-335-1519
Jim Berchtold Learning Resource Specialist, Elementary Reading 239-337-8290
Claire Cutting PD Leadership Specialist, Teacher Incentive Grant 239-337-8496
AnnMarie Ferry Coaching Specialist, English Language Arts  
Clint Garlick PD Leadership Specialist, Teacher Incentive Grant 239-542-3551
Andrea Gunns PD Leadership Specialist, Teacher Incentive Grant 239-335-1450
Austin Hardy Coaching Specialist, Secondary Mathematics 239-335-1588
Eric Jackson Resource Teacher, Environmental Education 239-337-8667
Polly Kiely PD Leadership Specialist, Teacher Incentive Grant 239-337-8515
Valerie Kienzler Helping Teacher, EE Field Event Instructor 239-337-8661
Melinda LaValle Elementary Reading Coach 239-337-8141
Rebecca Mendes Curriculum Master Teacher, ELA Elementary 239-461-8479
Marie Messick Coaching Specialist, ELA Secondary 239-768-2491
Brian Murphy Resource Teacher, Environmental Education 239-337-8661
David Norris Teacher-on-Assignment, Fine Arts Grant 237-337-8691
Amanda Schumbacker Curriculum Master Teacher, GoMath! 239-335-1522
Dr. Karen Serrell Coaching Specialist, Emerging Technology, Educational Media, Educational Impact 239-461-8440
Stephanie Sirianni Coaching Specialist, Mathematics Elementary 239-337-8658
Michele Stanford Curriculum Master Teacher, ELA Elementary 239-337-8641
Rick Tully Coaching Specialist, Science K-12 239-337-8628
Alexandria Whalen Coaching Specialist, Health Sciences K-12 239-335-1423
Rachel Dicus Inventory Specialist, Textbooks 239-337-8369
Joyce Gaston Support Specialist 239-337-8629
Maria Mena Clerk Specialist 239-335-1459
Kim Prorok Accounting Clerk I 239-337-8383
Mary Terrell Secretary, TIF Grant 239-337-8385