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Environmental Education Program

EE provides authentic experiences for teachers and students in our local environment. Our environment includes not only our natural resources, but also our cultural and historical resources as well. The core of the program is the system of Community Study Units and their associated field trips. Students have opportunities to visit and learn about the major habitat types of Southwest Florida and key historic sites. The Mosquito Education program introduces students to mosquito biology and control options while modeling important science skills. Many other instructional, curricular, and training opportunities are included in the EE Program.

Lee Hughes Coordinator, Science K-12 239-337-8697
Rick Tully Coaching Specialist, Science K-12   239-337-8628
Brian Murphy Resource Teacher (Aquatic Systems/Mosquito Education)  
Eric Jackson Resource Teacher (Aquatic Systems/Mosquito Education)  
Joelle Hammes Helping Teacher  

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